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Nicole Stewart

“I went to Jacquelyn’s prenatal yoga class throughout my entire pregnancy. It was the perfect mix of exercise, relaxation and meditation. She always set the perfect mood with the best music, candles and good smells wafting through the room. This class really helped me to stay fit, focused and relaxed throughout my pregnancy. I would highly recommend it!"

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Natalie Navaro

“I recently had the opportunity to practice prenatal yoga with Jacquelyn during my first pregnancy. I had a difficult pregnancy but one of the things that brought me joy was her prenatal yoga class. It was so wonderful to unwind and practice with other moms to be. Jacquelyn’s class was a perfect blend of exercise and meditation. Jacquelyn was an incredible instructor who went above and beyond. Jacquelyn was always so helpful and kind with advice. I’m so grateful to have had the prenatal yoga experience with Jacquelyn   and cannot say enough what a profound impact it had on me.”

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Lawnette Mundy

“I had the pleasure of working with Jacquelyn during my third trimester as one of her prenatal yoga students.  I do wish that our work together began much earlier, because she is absolutely amazing.  Her calming presence, super knowledgeable approach to the physical needs and requirements of soon-to-be mamas, and her deep understanding of the practice of yoga made her the perfect instructor.  The fact that she, too, is a mother and has embraced movement and physical activity throughout her pregnancies is priceless.  Working with Jacquelyn has strengthened me mentally, physically and spiritually.  I feel well-equipped to give birth in the upcoming days.”

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Grace Moore

“I started going to Jacquelyn’s prenatal yoga classes when I was 14 weeks pregnant and have continued to go throughout my pregnancy! She caters to all levels of experience by cultivating a welcoming space where everyone is encouraged to practice at their own pace and comfort level. I love her style that starts with a guided meditation and eases into a more upbeat flow that really makes me feel like I’ve earned my Shavasana. I would highly recommend pregnant women (or anyone) to experience and learn from her practice!”

Cassandra Holliday

“Prenatal yoga with Jacquelyn helped me tremendously throughout my pregnancy, both physically and mentally. It uplifted my spirit on days when I needed it the most and helped me to stay calm, centered, and connected to my baby. I used her breathing exercises to get me through the early stages of my labor and I believe my delivery went as smoothly as it did because I practiced with her up until the week before I gave birth. I highly recommend Jacquelyn’s prenatal yoga classes to all expecting mothers.”

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