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By Total Wellness Within

Hey There Mamas

About Me

My name is Jacquelyn Myrin. I’m the owner of Total Wellness Within and Prenatal Yoga Retreats. My love for health and wellness began at an early age. I have always had a strong interest in the best types of foods, exercise, and personal practices that would help my body to consistently be at its best.  In 2012, I decided to turn these passions into a career and worked to receive my health and fitness trainer certification. Shortly after that I became pre and postnatal training certified (along with many other specialized certifications). I went on to get my 200-hour yoga training certification and shortly after that I decided to do my 85-hour prenatal yoga certification. 

I am a mama to two beautiful little girls. Motherhood is all encompassing and such a beautiful and messy journey. Becoming a mama was extremely transformational for me. I am passionate about all things motherhood and love working with mamas-to-be.

I am honored and excited to create Prenatal Yoga Retreats to help empower you to be and feel your very best throughout your pregnancy and labor through mind, body, and spirit.
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